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Project Components

Project Components

This component will lead the development of harmonized tools; promote cross border surveillance and joint outbreak investigations; share lessons from the successful field epidemiology fellowship program and offer training programs to build regional surveillance capacities.

Kenya will serve as a center of excellence for disease surveillance and operational research

Joint Training and Capacity Building aims to support training and capacity building for laboratory personnel, in order to increase the pool of experts in the sub-region and to improve the effectiveness of public health laboratories.

Tanzania has taken a regional lead in providing high quality training in laboratory techniques

Cross cutting ICT innovations will be promoted to improve the quality of laboratory and surveillance data; facilitate the sharing of information; and promote e-learning and web- based knowledge sharing across countries.Rwanda has agreed to take a regional lead in expanding use of ICT. Rwanda will: (i) share its tools (e.g. standards and guidelines, reporting forms, request for proposals); (ii) provide related training, capacity building, and technical support as well as organize site visits.